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There are many ways to make money via using social media; you can check it for yourself with a little judicious research. After all, with the internet connecting everyone, on a personal level you already get to see how much time people spend on Facebook, or YouTube, or tweeting, and then witness other people managing to monetize those activities, for example, with revenue from ads and sponsors.

What is your main goal?

Okay, you want to make money using social media. That’s clear. Now, how do you want to go about doing it?

Do you want to make money in addition to your main income via a sideline, some moonlighting, or by setting up an additional stream of income?
Or do you want this venture using social media to make you money by itself ? This is a lot more involved.
Or do you want to venture out as an expansion of your online presence? This takes a good view of the long-term.

Your action plan will of course differ with your main goals, so you need to be very clear on what you want, and what you’ll have to do to make it happen.

Are you using social media to funnel visitors to your website? That’s income if they buy something, or click-through your affiliate page.
Are you using it to inform your customers or educate them? That’s informational and promotional, and falls under marketing too.
Are you using it to solicit feedback on a project? That’s testing the waters to see if an idea can make money.

You can use social media marketing to fulfill a business goal (make money, promote a product, solidify brand awareness), gain exposure, or even change public perception. Maybe your brand is in trouble – social media marketing can you get real-time assessments and feedback from customers, faster than any formal focus group. That can help you address issues before they gain a life of their own.

How do you intend to reach your goal?

Since we’re talking about social media networks here, we have to keep in mind the context of connection. That’s how networks are built; you reach out and connect. In business, of course you already know this as networking, where people make contacts and deals, doing things like raising venture capital or wooing investors.

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iqkonnect is a Social Sharing platform will start a movement by rewarding you for bringing all your life experiences to this platform! All your passions, your family, your friends, your work, your leisure, your interests. Everything that you are and everything that you will be! A platform to tell your story and write new chapters along the way.
We believe that by you bringing all your experiences with you to this community, you will enhance the quality of life for all of those enjoying this New Social Sharing Platform, the entire community across the globe. As a thank you from iQlife, you will be rewarded for sharing! It is a new and fresh twist on the already enormous multi hundred billion dollar social media arena!

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